Want To Step Up Your MARTIAL ARTS? You Need To Read This First

Want To Step Up Your MARTIAL ARTS? You

Need To Read This First

Have you ever dreamed of becoming the next Bruce Lee, Jet Li or Jackie Chan ?

If you are a martial artist , the answer is simple and obvious.

But the major problem is that we want to reach the peak of success instantly with no or little effort. Understanding the basics of martial arts is absolutely necessary .
Martial arts comprises of three main parts : Body, Mind and Soul
As a martial artist , we should always concentrate on  these 3 areas to improve ourselves. A healthy balance between body, mind and soul is important for a martial artist. Let us discuss about them in detail :
1. Body is everything that makes up your physical self, where an instructor is able to give you the most accurate routine based on your stature. Components of Physical fit body are strength, flexibility and stamina.
Training everyday is crucial. Even if you don’t have enough time to spend 90-120 mins , you can spend 15-20 mins.
Devote time watching videos , research , try something new , do something you’ve been avoiding ; all these are part of training too !

“I do not fear the man who knows 10,000 kicks, I fear the man who has practised one kick, 10,000 times.”                             
                                                                                   ~Bruce Lee                      
Bruce Lee trained pretty much every day. 1–2 hours in the morning, another 2–3 in the afternoon or evening. He was a voracious reader, and studied a wide variety of techniques books, as well as in person, and spent a lot of time trying different techniques and styles to find what he felt was practical, and discarding the rest.

Core strength - working on your core is one of the best things you can do not only for martial arts but for a healthy life. Doing exercises for your abs, low back and obliques will give you more overall power and make your body stronger.
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Flexibility - working on stretching will help you with many of the techniques especially  kicking, and also help to prevent injuries. You can even work on this while watching TV.
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Stamina - Stamina is your ability to sustain a physical or mental effort . Running , cycling , skipping can help you in sparring and allow you to push yourself farther without getting tired in practice and in applying your skills.
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2. Mind is the mental fortitude and the understanding of the martial arts     mentality and how to use it. Martial arts mentality is how practitioners uses feelings and subconscious such as the feeling of fear to their advantage .
“If my mind can conceive it ; And heart can believe it -  Than I can achieve it “ ~Muhammad Ali

For a martial artist having a perfect balance between mind and body and it is what that make him professional. Control on  mind is the most important step in a martial artist life .
Listening music is a way that boosts up the mind and body. According to The Sports Journal, the authors found that the combination of imagery and music enhances muscular endurance when compared to the imagery, music only or no imagery, music. Training while listening music increases the efficiency by 15%.

Yoga is the best way to keep mind in control. Doing yoga just 20-30 min makes body relax and refreshes the mind.
Avoid things that distract you from your goals .  Recent study has found that on an average people in america  spend 40 min on Facebook , 2 hours and 46 min watching television per day.
According to Washingtonian reports, adults only spend 17 minutes on fitness activities per day .
Develop personal discipline in a happy way . Learn good habits .Get a nutritional diet , avoid sugary and oily food . Have good spirit with others in training hall , changing quickly.  These helps in maintaining healthy mind.
Real martial attitude means preparation, develop the martial heart by learning to prepare and be flexible.  This means on training days you can focus a serene mind on learning, not concerned with chasing forgotten things.
When you are at home  , jot down all the techniques which you have learnt and are freshen in your mind. Try to write some observations at the end of page.
Time management is the key to success, once you learnt to manage time efficiently success in all yours.
3. Soul is probably one of the most important part which connects all aspects of the martial arts. It is the physical development of a person into philosophy making you the better person. It teaches you respect, honour and control; truly the most difficult areas to master.
“Martial arts , like an art, is an unrestricted athletic expression of an i individual soul”                                                  ~Bruce Lee                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
We often thought mind and soul are the  same . But they are different ; mind is just the projection of the soul .
For a normal human being , control on soul is not possible but we can find a balance between body , mind and souls .
Meditate regularly , it improves our thinking ability , reaction time, concentration power and allows us to learn things properly.
We should feel wonderful doing all the tasks . Go outside and socialize, i’ve often seen that the people who socialize are the one which are on the top.
Seek inspiration from the martial arts legend like Bruce Lee or Jet Li . We can always motivate ourselves, sometimes a little motivation is all what we need and try to incorporate techniques used by them in your training.
Now the things you can done right now to level up your martial art :
Get a right partner :  Choosing a partner that is as hungry as you and can beat you this will motivate you to become better and you will develop great defense.

After my training gets over , I challenge my friend for arm wrestling daily. He was the strongest guy among all of us. I was the one who lose always and it was obvious. But it gives me motivation to come next day with some improvement . It gives  me a short-term goal to win from him one day. Also arm wrestling increases the strength of arms, forearms and that benefits me in my training. We continued this for 5-6 months , today is the day he was not able to defeat me , nor I can .

Practicing a kick 100 times more than others after the training is the thing  that will give you an edge over others . Suppose doing this for 20 days means 2000 times you are practising a kick more than others this will definitely help .
Write a to do list  : It is necessary because sometimes we feel frustrating with our routine  and think of skipping the classes right away isn’t it ? write a list of what you want to do in the  day and just start concentrating on things you have to do now . Having goals, no matter how small they are one will try to achieve it . You’ll reach your ultimate goal before you known  and this feeling is one of the best in the world.
By challenging yourself, you’re constantly improve and become a better martial artist. Time is precious , work efficiently on 3 components: body, mind and soul. So go on achieve your goals. A more exciting martial arts journey is waiting for you !
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