Aerobic Kickboxing - Why Its A Must For Parents And Kids

person aerobic kickboxing

Get out of the boring health spa routine and learn martial arts at home. Karate experts have helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals by simply using a typical 45 minute hard-hitting kickboxing routine. Aerobic kickboxing with friends and exercising together will lead to improved fitness level very quickly. You will love the high energy, easy to follow, sweat pouring, whole body workout. Immediately, you will develop more balance, strength, tone, flexibility, and empowering kickboxing skills!  

Why choose our aerobic kickboxing video over an aerobic workout? 

Aerobic Kickboxing adds the same type of physical energy that is included in an ordinary aerobic session workout, however it adds to it martial arts techniques, knees, elbows and wrist movements make for good karate excercises that mimic martial arts training. This combination is what has made TaeBo so popular. 

Aerobic Kickboxing is also a much better cardio workout than many of those other workout aerobics videos. Muscles and Fitness Magazine rated it as the number one calorie burning workout, at over 800 calories burned in an hour. It allows you to tone muscle and lose weight. 

There's no physical contact necessary, so it's the perfect workout to do in the convenience of your own home. 

The routine combines cardiovascular exercises with valuable self-defense training that will benefit all fitness and ability levels. This type of aerobics requires no previous martial arts experience and is guaranteed to get results. It is designed for all fitness levels and can be done at your own pace. 

Aerobic Kickboxing For Children 

Keeping children fit and healthy is high on the priority list of parents as childhood obesity continues to rise and parents seek to find activities that will keep their children engaged and excited about physical activity. 

The National Association for Sports and Physical Education recommends school age children participate in at least sixty minutes of physical activity each day, which can be challenging to coordinate between after school activities, music lessons, study groups, homework and social and family engagements each week. 

New York Kids Club Founder and mother of four, Pam Wolf, believes it is an absolute necessity. "Daily structured physical fitness provides my children with the focus and balance needed to succeed," shares Ms. Wolf, "all four are eager to participate in this new program as it serves the needs and interests of athletes, as well as, those just looking to keep fit." 

The revolutionary program pairs Rock Climbing, Gymnastics, Rope Climbing, agility circuits, sports games and Kickboxing with exciting, up tempo contemporary music designed to keep children actively engaged. 

"Our goal is to inspire a life long love of fitness," shares Director and program creator, Gair Morris, "the formula is found in keeping children's interest by pairing a variety of different activities together for a full body workout in a great space that above all else is just plain fun!" 


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