Effective Self Defense Techniques To Fend Off Your Attacker - 6 Top Tips Revealed

self defense training

Self defense is actually an act of safeguarding oneself from an attacker. In this day and age when crime is escalating at a truly alarming rate, everyone should make an effort to learn some self defense techniques. Criminal acts such as sexual assault, robbery and murder are on the increase. The average person will have a difficult time when they have to deal with hardened criminals and thugs. But, individuals armed with certain self-defense skills can escape without harm in dangerous situations.  

Self Defense techniques 

These types of techniques will be very useful to ward off an assault. These self-defense moves offer an effective way for you to save yourself from any violent encounter. In most cases, a stranger will instil a sense of fear in order to assault someone. However with some of the techniques mentioned below, it's possible to take this attacker by surprise and conquer the situation. 

Knee Kick: 

You can manage an attacker and cause him to become helpless if you use a knee kick. Striking the attackers knee is actually a distinctive way to react to an assault. Giving an ultra powerful side kick in the knee area can significantly injure the kneecap and bring your assailant to his knees. 

Groin Kick:

 This is probably the most effective technique that may cause severe harm to your assailant. Rather than thinking about the type of martial arts tactic to use to beat your attacker, merely kick the person in the groin area multiple times to bring him to an instant standstill. This kick will be a good approach to when you want to protect yourself from virtually any attacker. Fighting with your assailant is a close up quarter battle, which could often be won with this particular technique. 

Eye Gouge: 

For this technique, you have to press your fingers or thumb up against the attackers eyes. This pressing action will cause tremendous pain in the eye and results in blurry vision. Since it leads to blurry vision, you can make the most of this situation by supplying serious blows in the face and stomach area. Eye gouging is recognized as one of the most effective unarmed self-defense techniques for women. 

Neck Punch: 

It is always a good idea to punch an attacker. A neck punch will be a ferocious way for you to completely knock out your assailant. A hard punch to neck can immediately disable your assailant, because a severe blow will stop the flow of blood and cause the attacker to faint. 

Throat Punch: 

This method of self defense focuses on the throat to injure the opponent. A strong punch (chisel fist) to the throat will affect the respiration process and could even eliminate the adversary. 

Cupped Hands: 

For personal defense, the cupped hand attack is definitely advantageous as it will make the opponent pull back. The effect is comparable to a strong slap. With this method, the hand is cupped (curve of the hand). Likewise known as 'boxing the ears' or 'ear concussive blow', this is one of many self defense strategies which is used to attack the ear and can hurt the eardrum significantly. Many people are not able to deal with the agonizing discomfort connected with an ear concussive blow, thus offering you adequate time to get away from the situation. 


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