Kung Fu Wushu - Does It Make You Tough Enough?

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Kung Fu and wushu are two interchangeable terms. Kung Fu is the Chinese term for martial arts while Wushu is the Mandarin term for the same. Both involve a series of fighting styles, kung fu using a lot more animal mimicry and wushu using philosophy, religion and even some ancient legends. However with all the training involved the real benefit of Kung Fu Wushu is to make you mentally and physically tough.  

Over the years many people taking Kung Fu lessons act and think they’re tough!  But the toughness that I am talking about is with your number one opponent.. You!  You are the first challenger that you must come to know and understand.  If you can understand this person then you can coach them….. to WIN!  I say ‘this person’ because there are times you like yourself and times you don’t. 
This is the challenge of every student of Kung Fu and Wushu. Kung Fu’s philosophy is to develop good values, and then to live by them.  This will only come through personal development and the building of your character.  That’s why you must ask yourself “are you up for the challenge”. We are all good people, but we all have areas that we’d like to improve. That is why it is so important to take what you’re taught into your everyday life. 

Over the years Wushu ahs developed into a living example to live these values, in and out of the dojo. 

a) In Kung Fu training you want to have a friendly atmosphere. That dojo comradeship should and could be spread in our daily life. The confidence you gain means you can deal with people in a more confident and pleasant way. That would make the world a better place….don’t you agree? 
b) Solid Wushu training. The hard working attitude that you develop in the dojo should become a life habit that will benefit yourself and others. It will give you persistence, determination and tenacity. 

c) Attached to all of this is allowing and trusting your instructor to lead and guide you towards the improvements you see and the ones you don’t personally see. 

I believe it’s okay to question, but you need to develop trust in other people. You learn when you listen, not when you talk! All this may sound very idealistic, but why not aim for better. It will take working on your values and actions on a daily basis. We all want to raise standards and we know if we don’t step up to do this, then who will? What would you like to see more of? Better manners, then be the example. More smiles, then be the example. More control and caring, then be the example! 

If you’re thinking I can’t make a difference, then I tell you, you can - we all can. I heard this story that best illustrates what I’m talking about. There were hundreds of starfish that were washed up on the beach. A boy was on the beach and was putting them back in the sea. A man said, ‘you won’t make much difference’. The boy said to the man, ‘it makes a difference to this starfish’ as he was throwing one back into the ocean. 

So remember that each bit counts. You count, so stand up and be counted and make a difference! It’s easy to stand in a crowd, but if “you’re up for the challenge”, then stand out and step up. Be a Kung Fu expert who lives the way you know you should live. Live your values and your life at the highest level. 

The most understated quality of a Winner – is discipline. Some Kung Fu trainees say they’re not interested in black belt status, but they should be. Because it’s not getting black belt that’s special, it’s what you become as a Kung Fu black belt.

So, Are you up for the challenge? I encourage you to be the best that you can be. 


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