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There are a multitude of weapons used by the ninja, because of their many self protection methods. The throwing star, or shuriken, is one of the many weapons used by the ninjutsu, although other areas of martial arts use them as well. The throwing star you see in Hollywood has nothing whatsoever to do with the throwing star of the ancient ninja warrior; this has not stopped it from becoming illegal in many places around the world.  

Ninja stars have become popularized nowadays as a result of magical Ninja legends. These stars also called the shuriken, which basically means "hand hidden blade" and is generally acknowledged in the western world as (ninja stars) which were typically for throwing, and often slashing or stabbing. Contrary to the throwing knife ninja stars can harm an adversary irrespective of the area it comes in direct contact with. 

Often times I get asked from my students who live in these areas where the star is illegal, is "How can i train and develop my skills with the shuriken-one of the historical 8 "gates" or minimum study and mastery areas required to be a ninja-if they are not legal where I live?" These students are really saying, "How can I without breaking the law, to avoid leaving a vulnerable area in my self protection skills." The main topic of this article is to dispel the misconceptions and rumors sounding ancient weapons in today's modern society. To be able to use it effectively, with power and freedom, we first must free our mind of the perceptions associated with it. Here are some truth and misconceptions surrounding the ninja star and why it is illegal to use in many areas of the world.  

Discussing the myths and untruths in any sort of detail, was not the purpose of this report. If our lawmakers used the same guidelines for kitchen knives, nails, and ball point pens as they do for the ninja star, they would be illegal as well! One highly misunderstood myth about the star is: one-it is a distraction tool, not a fatal weapon. 

Two-it was believed these were dipped in poison, which is also false, because a ninja would not carry such a weapon, in the chance that he encounter someone and accidentally pierce his finger and poison himself.  

Three-It was also a myth that the star was razor sharp, and just like the poison myth, the ninja would not want to risk slicing himself in an encounter or falling on the star. Also, being razor sharp would not make sense since it is a tool that is used in the hand, this is the reason we need to expand our thinking in order to master our skills. The ninja if we recall, have a different view on the weapons themselves. They are principles and concepts, not just a weapon with a set agenda. If we can understand the shuriken better, we will see that it is part of their wide weapons range of "strategic" weapons. 


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