Tai Chi Chuan - A Flowing Martial Art Form

man practicing tai chi

Using soft transitional movements is the martial art of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that uses slow movements, and is used for relaxation, self defense, and health. Tai Chi originated in China, but is now popular around the globe, because of the health aspects of the art. Tai Chi is used to help the mind and spirit, to help embrace healthy living.  

Restoring health, bring out peoples spirits, and improve digestion are all benefits to practicing Tai Chi. The art has become common place for millions of people around the world, due to its healthy effects on the mind and body. "Setting the breath with the body" is the relaxation goal that a person wants to achieve when practicing the art of Tai Chi. 

It is through the Taoist visions of calm waters, and harmonizing oneself with nature is where Tai Chi for health was derived from. Revitalizing and restoring the mind, body strength, and will were all pursuits of the Taoist. Deep breathing, and inner exercise are what the player does while practicing Tai Chi, in hopes of promoting health and restoring our inner spirit. The belief in life or aka Qi means invisible flows and channels in the body. It is believed by the ancient Chinese that all things alive are from an energy force called Qi. Illness will occur if you interfere with Qi flow. It depends on the meridian that has an imbalance, as to what kind of illness it will be. The Tai Chi movements are parallel to those of the Chinese philosophical ideas of an endless cycle of Yang to Yin, thus Qi surrounds the body to bring about the balance of Yin and Yang. 

Because of the harmony in the opening and closing movements, it is believed that Yin and Yang were the foundation in which Tai Chi came from. Yin and Yang are at both ends of the spectrum, yin is the more feminine, softer, with more negative aspects, and Yang is harder, rigid, masculine, and more positive things are seen by Yang. Even though they are opposites they work well together to keep an even balance, which results in a peaceful state. Meridians and certain organs are halfway ruled by Yin and the other half would be the Yang.  

The goal that one is trying to achieve in Tai Chi is to make Qi stronger, keep it flowing smoothly, in return can prevent and cure some health problems. Concentrating within to be able to calmly move the torso in a soft and swirling motion. This will balance the muscles, sinew, inner strength and the blood. To master these physical techniques is very difficult to do. Learning to become a dynamic expression of yin and Yang by developing both aspects of the art , sensitive acceptance (yin) and within expressive actions (yang) are required to succeed in the art of Tai Chi. Both sides will be injured to some degree, if one were to use hardness, in resisting violence, while performing Tai Chi. 


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