The Forgotten Art Form - The Essential Elements Of Judo Techniques

judo techniques

Judo techniques include actions which are taken from Jujitsu. The Jujitsu dates back 1000's of years and had been practiced by Sumo wrestlers. There is not much evidence showing how far back this goes, however it has its origins in both Japan and China. This particular art form turned out to be popular since there had been a demand for soldiers who were able to fight during combat with no weapons. A number of schools emerged soon after because some masters kept different techniques a secret, which help to make the Jujitsu so valuable.  
Jujitsu might have turn out to be a forgotten art form, but several students during the 1700s passed this style down to other individuals simply because the schools had been lacking people. In and around 1882 a training school was established and the word was modified to Judo, meaning a gentle way. Today, this art form is primarily identified by the name Judo. Top quality rituals and outstanding performance had been passed on with the development of students. This art form features a number of techniques often utilized by the participants.  
The following will give you an idea of what Judo techniques entails: 

Basic throwing techniques 

These techniques include moves associated with throwing an adversary off while attacking. You can find different classes in these types of throwing tactics; hand throwing, hip throwing and foot throwing. Most of these throws are standing or at times sacrifice throws. A few of these throws are: 

Ippon Seoinage - One-arm shoulder throws 

judo one arm throw technique

This particular throw will involve, just as the name implies, one person lifting another using one arm, after that taking the body-weight upon the shoulder and next throw the opponent to the ground. This person will not use the other hand a lot in this one handed move.  

Sumi Otoshi - Corner Drop 

judo corner drop

For this technique, one person will lift his opponent with two hands while facing him from a slight angle and afterwards throw the opponent to the ground. The throw in this technique is actually a part of the 67 existing throws for Kodokan Judo.  

Deashi harai - Advanced Foot Throw 

judo advanced foot throw technique

As one of several foot sweeping techniques, deashi harai is among the most proficient judo skills. This is a type of foot throw. The individual carrying this out begins by having a strong hold on the challenger, facing him or her. Then the opponent moves his foot towards the other side of the adversary, and sweeps the adversary's opposing leg from under him. This will make him lose stability. While doing this, the upper body must support the push-pull movement with necessary strength produced because of the rotation of the hips. This is certainly important for correct execution of this sweep.  

Grappling Skills 

Grappling fundamentally involves immobilizing the adversary by pinning him or her down on the ground and it does not require lifting the other individual. It may be achieved by either standing upright or on the floor. These as stated previously are bound to render the challenger helpless. 


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