About Us

Hello! I’m Bharat Bansal and I created this website for anyone who loves martial arts.
I’ve been studying martial arts for many years and my studies have taught me so many things: how to get and stay motivated, the right kinds of nutrition, advanced fighting techniques, and how to think like a martial artist.
In past I had many challenges, I have stopped training many times but I have always come back to martial arts. I train because I love martial arts.
I’m passionate about martial arts because it brings the mind, body and soul together. It makes you aware of yourself and your capabilities, even capabilities you didn’t know you had. They’re also excellent for increasing confidence and self-esteem, as well as giving you the ability to protect yourself.
I created this website to connect with people like you who practice martial arts, to help you stay engaged, to motivate you to practice, to provide you with useful tips, and to give you the confidence to keep developing and improving your martial arts skills.
On the website, you’ll find a variety of tips on how to become a better student, or fighter. These tips will help you whether you’re a beginner or if you’re already practicing martial arts. You’ll also find tips for improving your strength and conditioning, advice on how to master different fighting techniques, and instructions for stretching and nutrition. The tips you find here come from my years of experience and collaboration with a range of martial arts experts.
In addition, I provide a free, weekly e-newsletter that’s full of tips and useful information. Please take a moment to sign up!
And if you have questions, or if you need help with something, be sure to send me an email at martialartraining@gmail.com or leave a comment on the post you’re reading. I would love to hear your feedback!
Thanks for checking out my site. I hope it helps you in your journey.


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